Technical Documentation
  • Develop new Technical Manuals to augment weapons platform integrations

  • Convert Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) manuals to MIL-STD-40051 standards

  • Develop MWO(s) and Installation instructions for platform integration

  • Develop and incorporate vector based graphics/line art compliant with Military Specifications for technical documentation

  • TM integration to Interactive Authoring and Display System (IADS) 

Weapons Platform Integration Provisioning
  • Develop Logistics Support Analysis Record (LSAR) 030 (LMI) and 036 reports (Provisioning Parts List (PPL)) for updating platform Provisioning Master Record (PMR)
    IAW DI-SESS-81758/T

  • Development of new and updates to existing Repair Parts and Special Tool Lists (RPSTL) Work Packages for inclusion in technical manuals IAW correct standards

  • Develop LSAR screening reports for submittal to Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) for material screening IAW correct specified standards

  • Consolidate provisioning supporting documentation for platform integration projects (Engineering Supplemental Data for Provisioning (SDFP))