Interoperability Senior Engineer        Apply HERE

Signalink, Inc., Madison, AL

Required Job Duties

The candidate should be a senior Integrated Broadcast Service (IBS) and Joint Range Extension Application Protocol A (JREAP A) expert who is capable of performing all activities required to routinely integrate IBCS within live and simulated JREAP A and IBS networks, with an emphasis on evaluating IBCS JREAP A and IBS capabilities.  The candidate will need to know how to perform all activities required for IBCS participation within live and simulated JREAP A and IBS networks, including crypto management, satellite access, satellite account initiation and maintenance.  The candidate must also be capable of requesting and managing satellite time, entering and exiting satellite networks, operating MARS NT and Magic Mirror to evaluate IBCS, developing and executing IBS and Link 16 scenarios and operating IBCS systems within JREAP A and IBS networks.


The candidate must perform IBCS JREAP A and IBS test planning, execution, and post-test analysis per the most recent version of MIL-STD 6018 and MIL-STD 6016.


The candidate must perform recurring analysis on IBCS JREAP A and IBS implementation requirements and subsequently identify personnel and equipment resources required to support evaluation of required IBCS capabilities. 


The candidate must provide a detailed description of hardware components, including IBCS system under test tactical and modelling/simulation devices and evaluation tools required to support IBCS system evaluations. 


The candidate must perform planning activities required to integrate IBCS tactical, modelling and simulation, and evaluation tools prior to each IBCS JREAP A and IBS test event.  The candidate must also coordinate with lab management personnel to schedule resourcing which supports all IBCS JREAP A and IBS test activities.


The candidate must perform root-cause test and analysis activities for IBCS JREAP A and IBS implementation errors discovered during IBCS JREAP A and IBS testing.


The candidate must perform real-time demonstrations of IBCS JREAP A and IBS implementation errors for Project Office and prime contractor personnel.


The candidate must configure, initialize and operate the IBCS task force Gateway and Non-Gateway EOCs in support of JREAP A and IBS testing.  The candidate must initialize, configure and operate the IBCS Gateway EOC ADSI.  The candidate must operate the following IBCS workstations:


  • Fire Control

  • Weapons

  • ID

  • Surveillance


The candidate must initialize and operate the NSITE, and perform the following activities:


  • Data collection

    • JREAP A

    • IBS

  • Real-time data analysis

  • Post-test data reduction and analysis


The candidate must perform eSMART activities, including the following:

  • Build IBCS eSMART as-tested database

  • Build IBCS eSMART as-required database

  • Perform comparative interoperability analysis and determine IBCS interoperability capabilities and limitations


The candidate must develop and update the IBCS SPR database.


The candidate must serve as the IBCS representative to the AITRB.  The candidate will analyze hundreds of ICPs and determine impacts to IBCS.  The candidate will subsequently provide the AITRB with an IBCS position for ICPs.  The candidate will develop ICPs that support IBCS Interoperability requirements and perform activities required to obtain AITRB and Joint approval of IBCS-originated ICPs.

Required Qualifications

  • A four-year bachelor’s degree from an ABET accredited college in Engineering (BSCE or BSEE highly desirable), Computer Science, Physics, or Math, is required.

  • 5-10 years overall engineering experience with specific previous experience in BCS JREAP A and IBS test planning, execution, and post-test analysis.

  • Applicant must possess strong computer skills with demonstrated proficiency in standard business software packages which include database software, spreadsheet software, word processing software, Internet software (i.e., Microsoft Office). 


Security Requirements:

  • Applicants must currently hold a DoD security clearance at the secret level.

Travel Requirement:

  • Occasional travel might be required for this position.